Fire Sweeps Fort Wayne Warehouse

Fire Sweeps Fort Wayne Warehouse

A spectacular five-alarm fire broke out shortly after 7 a. m. on January 24th in a storage depot at Fort Wayne, Mich., destroying automotive spare parts valued by officers at $2,000,000.

The equipment was part of the reserve supply which is being built up by the Service Forces in anticipation of the needs of invading armies in Europe and the Pacific.

The fire started in a huge wooden storage building and fanned by a stiff wind, spread within a few minutes to a nearby building. One hour after the fire started, the first building was a mass of smoking ruins.

The fire was discovered by civilian workmen when they opened the doors of the storage building at 7 a. m. The depot fire equipment and all the personnel of the post—officers, enlisted men and civilians—were set at work.

Five fire alarms were sent in to the Detroit Fire Department, bringing in response a major part of the fire equipment on the west side of the city. The fire boat John Kendall also was sent to fight the blaze.

The fire boat had a major role in bringing the flames under control and in preventing the spread of the fire. Ten hose lines ran from the boat alone.

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