Fire Sweeps Summer Colony

Fire Sweeps Summer Colony

Eight dwellings and cottages on Seaview Avenue, in the densely populated summer resort section of Walnut Beach, Milford, Conn., were destroyed by a three-alarm fire which threatened the entire area. Several firemen received minor injuries combating the flames and one homeowner was taken to a hospital when overcome by smoke while attempting to save his belongings.

Damage to the buildings was $30,000. The fire, one of the worst in this section in many years, left three families homeless. Five of the buildings were unoccupied. Fire started in an unoccupied six-family wooden structure on the north side of Seaview Avenue. Flames, fanned by a wind of gale velocity, swept rapidly across the street to opposite houses and then were carried down the street as the wind shifted.

Fire was discovered by a beach resident at 6:11 p.m. and a telephone alarm brought two Milford fire companies to the scene. Upon arrival Chief Lewis F. Stowe immediately ordered a second and third alarm, which called all companies, with the exception of Engine 5, in the northeast section of the town.

The strong wind carried sparks and embers for long distances and handicapped the work of the firemen in subduing the flames. Sparks from the fire caused a roof blaze one-half mile away. The wind was so strong that most of the embers were carried over the roofs of dwellings and beach concessions and dropped into Long Island Sound. William M. O’Hara, President of the Milford Fire Commission, who was one of the early arrivals at the scene, praised the firemen highly for their efforts in fighting the fire. The firemen used ten lines, laying 5,650 feet of 2 1/2-inch.

Extent of Damage Done by Fire in Summer Resort Area of Milford, Conn.

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