Fire Truck Drivers Request Raise in Pay

Fire Truck Drivers Request Raise in Pay

The City Council of Minneapolis, Minn., was confronted with a demand for a $25 monthly pay increase for each of seventy-two fire motor operators, which if granted, would put their pay rate higher than that of fire captains.

The operators, who drive fire apparatus of all kinds, bolstered their demand with a petition claiming that requirements for their work are more exacting than those for fire captain jobs.

Operator pay rate now is $5 per month above that for a first-class fireman. while the captain’s rate is $20 over the base.

Harrison, N. J., Fire Department Receives New Engine The fire department at Harrison, N. J., recently received a new Ahrens-Fox fire engine. This is the latest machine built by the Ahrens-Fox Company, and was assembled complete from parts already in stock. The company suspended the manufacturing of fire engines over a year ago, although a sufficient supply of parts are on hand to guarantee service to machines already in the field. Chief Andrew T. Callahan heads up the Harrison Fire Department

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