Fire Uncovers Illicit Still

Fire Uncovers Illicit Still

An unusually large and well equipped still was discovered as the result of a fire in an old brewery building in Newark. N. J. A passerby who saw smoke swirling from the roof turned in an alarm. The fireman found no blaze, and after searching the building thoroughly found what appeared to he a solid brick wall. A secret door was located.

Once through the passage, the firemen found an establishment which went two stories underground. In it were discovered 12,500 gallons of finished alcohol, a 20,000-gallon still, eight 5,000-gallon vats, ten 5,000-gallon tanks, a 5,000gallon mixing vat, 8,500 pounds of brown sugar and large amounts of corn meal and veast. The plant was valued at $250,000.

Troy, Ill., to Have Fire Apparatus—Troy, Ill., is awaiting the delivery of fire apparatus that was purchased from the General Manufacturing Company for $5,315.

Long Island Has Forest Truck—Special equipment has been developed for the protection of forest lands on Long Island against possible forest fires. A 350-gallon pump, six knapsack pumps and tools for twenty-five men are included in the equipment carried.

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