Fire Yenta June 2004

By Diane Feldman, Managing Editor

A worthy cause
Congratulations to members of FDNY Engine 225, Ladder 107, and Battalion 39, who established The Faithful and Fearless WTC Family Fund in memory of the 343 firefighters who gave their lives on 9/11. As a way of caring for the families left behind, these FDNY members created and offered FDNY memorial T-Shirts, patches, stickers, and apparatus magnets. Their efforts and dedication raised more than a quarter of a million dollars. On June 6, 2004, after the FDNY Medal Day ceremony, they presented the money to The UFA Widows & Children Fund and The Bravest Scholarship Fund.

New recruitment tool
In the Lake Cities (TX) Fire Department, Deputy Chief Curtis Birt (also an FDIC H.O.T. instructor) and Chief Jason Collier have implemented a new recruiting tool. Faced with the difficulties of recruitment and retention, they have formed a long-range plan that strategically places an extremely large pool of future firefighter candidates at their fingertips. It seems that just about every firefighter’s wife, including Chief Birt’s, is with child and expecting in the near future. Both Chief Collier and Chief Birt have said that, with this plan in place, they should have no problem recruiting good candidates in about 20 years or so!

Classes you won’t see at FDIC
Here are a few classes you won’t see at FDIC:
“How to Fire Someone and Make It Stick” (an actual class)
“How to Not Influence People and Make No Friends”
“How to Improve My Golf Handicap While at Work”
“How to Cheat My Guys and Blame It on Someone Else”
“Seven Habits of Not So Highly Effective People”

Motivational quote of the week
“Failure to hit the bull’s eye is never the fault of the target. To improve your aim, improve yourself. Look in the mirror.”- Leadership Guru John C. Maxwell, quoted in the 2004 FDIC seminar “Real Leadership for Real People: This Is Where the Rubber Meets the Road” given by Chief Rick Lasky, Lewisville (TX) Fire Department, and Battalion Chief John Salka, Fire Department of New York.

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Diane Feldman is a 15-year veteran of Fire Engineering; she has spent the past 14 years as managing editor. She has a B.A. in English/communications. Previously she was an editor at the American Management Association in New York City.

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