C.O.R.E. Skill Drills

Firefighters perform forcible entry on a training prop.

(Photo by Tony Greco)

By Forest Reeder

A couple of highlights in this week’s C.O.R.E. drill from the job areas of Company Officer and the Word of the Day.

Company officers should be aware of certain dispatch or incident types that would signal a “stage for police arrival” posture of responding companies. Some departments have policies on this situation, and many times dispatchers will provide these instructions.  Officers may also be aware of certain addresses or response areas where scene security is always an initial concern. Always anticipate that routine incidents can turn bad fast. Consider placing apparatus in a position where they can always be used as a shield or to escape an area quickly.

The word of the day is cantilever. Consider the definition of this in the context of wall types or building features. Can you locate one of these types of walls in your response areas?

Have a great week of training and stay safe!

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Suggested Tasks, Week 6 (PDF, 287 KB)

Firefighter Training Drills by Forest ReederForest Reeder began his fire service career in 1979. He serves as Division Chief of Training & Safety for the Des Plaines (IL) Fire Department. He is a past recipient of the International Society of Fire Service Instructors (ISFSI) prestigious George D. Post Instructor of the Year award and has been responsible for the design, implementation and coordination of in-service firefighter training activities as well as a full-service fire training academy program. Forest holds numerous Illinois fire service certifications and holds a Masters Degree in Public Safety Administration from Lewis University.


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