Firefighting Capabilities Stretched After TX Station Closure

The shutdown of a volunteer fire station in San Antonio, Texas, had firefighters scrambling to ensure coverage on New Year’s Eve.

WOAI reports ( that about a dozen firefighters were hauling furniture and equipment inside two substations to respond to emergencies around the clock after the shutdown. At 12:15 am, Captain Taylor Squires with the Sandy Oaks Volunteer Fire Department said a notice went out alerting emergency operators that the substation would no longer respond to calls for help.

“A lot of them have volunteered in this area with Sandy Oaks, with South Bexar, with Ata-Bexar, so they are very familiar with that and even if they weren’t familiar with a location, they have a very sophisticated GPS system,” Sylvia Mendelsohn of Emergency Service District said in regard to firefighters covering the station’s response area.

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