A letter from an American sojourning at Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico, describes as follows the firefighting methods pursued in that city:

“At 8:15 this morning a fire broke out in the handsome one-story adobe building at the corner of Comercador y Sonora streets, lately occupied by Señor Eduardos, de Impressor, and by the grand Libreria y Papeleria of Soñores Gaxiola.

“The fire was discovered by Manuel Puente, who immediately gave the alarm, and then the fun began. Everybody within sight or hearing ambled up to the building, sizing it up carefully. Nearly all, myself included, began to help the clerks to remove their effects to the sidewalk.

“We carried out books, papers, pens, ink, printing presses, desks and chairs; we left nothing there but the burning material and the mud walls.

“At 9 o’clock we were reinforced by a street sprinkler, and at 9:10 by twelve sailors from the Oaxaca, which was lying at anchor here, The sailors walked two by two, and each pair carried one pail of water, which they carefully threw in the general vicinity of the fire, being careful not to disturb tinexcitement by allowing any of the water to reach the flames.

“Ah, the crowd moves back! Here comes a troop of twelve dinky soldiers. They are dressed in blue jeans, white caps, and sandals. They look as if they might have escaped from a comic opera.

“At 9:20 we were pleased to welcome a hand forcepump which would throw a three-quarter-inch stream six feet, provided the crew worked hard enough. At this time everything combustible was burned and the fire was out.

“Much amusement was created when a private, Miguel Juarez, caught a bottle of ink on his head The head was not damaged, but the bottle suffered a compound fracture and the handsome blue uniform was ruined. The brave and gallant soldiers, with fixed bayonets, kept back the native population, but allowed your correspondent within the lines without offering any objections. They don’t like Americans, but they are careful not to offend them. The loss, including damage to machinery, is estimated at too pesos, about $38. fully covered by insurance.

“At no time was the fire so fierce that it could not have been extinguished by a single hand fireextinguisher, if used by a person of intelligence. Any white man could have put it out with half a dozen pails of water, but there are only two white men here, and they wanted to sec the fun. So did las senoritas y los muchachos.”

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