Recent Major Firefighting News: Thai Dorm Fire, KCFD Firefighter LODDs Report

The Kansas City (MO) Fire Department (KCFD) released its report on the 2015 fire that killed Fire Apparatus Operator Larry Leggio and Firefighter John Mesh. Eighteen girls were killed in a fire in a dorm in Thailand, and there were several close calls for firefighters this week, including one in which three members became trapped during a fire in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

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May 20-27, 2016

18 Girls Killed in Thailand Dorm Fire

A nighttime fire at a dormitory of a primary school in northern Thailand killed 18 girls, many of whom had been roused by a dorm-mate but went back to sleep, thinking it was a prank.

Report Released on Kansas City (MO) Firefighter LODDs

The KCFD released the report of its internal investigation into the circumstances surrounding the loss of two firefighters and injury of two others on October 12, 2015.

Louisiana Expands Scope of Hate-Crime Laws to Include First Responders

The state became the first in the nation to expand its hate-crime laws to protect police, firefighters, and emergency medical crews.

Firefighter Falls Through Roof in Bensalem (PA) Fire

Two firefighters were taken to the hospital following an early morning fire.

CA Bus Crash Leaves 20 Injured, Six Seriously

A shuttle bus carrying nearly two dozen people returning from a women’s church retreat overturned on a highway in Southern California’s San Bernardino Mountains, leaving six people seriously injured and 14 with more minor injuries.

Police: Boy Burns Himself in ‘Fire Challenge’

Police say a 12-year-old boy suffered severe burns in New York City when he doused himself in flammable liquids, lit a match, and set himself on fire as part of a social media challenge.

Severe Weather Strikes Plains Once Again

Severe weather spawning numerous tornadoes roiled large stretches of Kansas for a second day Thursday, prompting residents to anxiously watch the skies but causing only scattered damage in rural areas and no injuries or deaths.

Mayday, Firefighters Escape After Becoming Trapped at PA Fire

Three firefighters became trapped while battling a fire at a three-alarm duplex fire Thursday.

Group Escapes Flash Floods in KY Cave

Gary Russell was a mile deep in a Kentucky cave Thursday afternoon, leading a group of geology students on a five-hour tour, when he turned a corner and saw water rushing by where water wasn’t supposed to be.

U.S. Firefighters Head to Alberta to Battle Wildfire

The National Interagency Fire Center has mobilized over 200 firefighters to help fight a massive wildfire burning in Fort McMurray.


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