Fireground Management

On September 11, 2019, Indianapolis firefighters respond to a fire at the Hi Neighbor Tavern

Early Fireground Decisions Determine Operational Success

Serious firefighters know playing catch-up on the fireground often results in cascading events that can have disastrous consequences.

Command 2020: Clear Vision for Command Training and Your Next Fire

The modern incident commander must have a clear vision before the fire ever comes, and it must be communicated to the entire fire department.

Uncommitted Tactical Reserve Assignment: The RIT Assist Team

Anthony Avillo proposes a new potential assignment: a team tasked with providing assistance to the rapid intervention team.
Drone view of Main Street buildings

Main Street Optics

Joe Pronesti reviews the command and control of Main Street fire incidents along with safety considerations.

Encapsulation of Firefighter Illustrates Need for Critical Thinking Skills

Leigh H. Shapiro explains the need for training that fully prepares firefighters for the uncertainties of the fireground.

The Need for Resource-Based Emergency Response Systems

Without a resource-based emergency response system, there is no telling what units will show up to the scene and no telling what equipment will be available.

Report Raises Questions About Response to Deadly Sea Isle City (NJ) Fire

A recent news report has raised questions about the response to a November 2018 fire that left one resident dead.
Anthony Avillo and Jim Duffy

Podcast: Fireground Strategies (and Other Stuff from the Streets)

Join hosts Anthony Avillo and Jim Duffy to talk fireground management, tactics, and strategy.

Podcast: The Command Post

Chief Rick Lasky and Chief John Salka talk about the need for ventilation on the fireground.
Fire Engineering podcasts

Podcast: The Future Firefighter

In this podcast, host Chris Baker talks with guest Dr. Richard Gasaway about situational awareness for the future firefighter.