Fireground Management

FEMA Authorizes Firefighting Funds For Arizona’s Ash Fire

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has authorized the use of federal funds to help Arizona fight another outbreak of an uncontrolled wildfire burning in Cochise County within hours of being contacted by the state.

One Hundred Attend USFA Incident Command Course

The need for the class grew out of the NETC area's desire to be better prepared to manage a terrorist and other large scale events in which fire and law enforcement leaders would be working side-by-side to manage an incident across local, county and state jurisdictional boundaries.

Transferring Command

In my opinion, anytime fires "go wrong," communications (or the lack of) seems to be the number one problem. Another leading factor is the lack of a strong incident command system (ICS).

START: A Simple Approach to MCI Triage

Recent high-profile emergency incidents have increased our focus on preparing for multicasualty incidents (MCIs). Whether you're responding to an overturned bus, a tornado, or a terrorist bombing with many injured victims, do you know where to start? Do you know how to begin the process of identifying the most seriously injured victims and prioritizing their transportation off-scene?

Securing Roof Ladders vs. the Ridge Vent

Recently, while I was teaching classes on portable ladders operations around the country, two obstacles arose: spring-loaded hooks mounted farther back from the tip of a roof ladder, and the ridge vent of a structure.

Brown Nominated to serve as the Under Secretary of Emergency Preparedness and Response

If confirmed, Brown will coordinate federal disaster relief activities on behalf of the President of the United States, including implementation of the Federal Response Plan, which authorizes the response and recovery operations of 26 federal agencies and departments as well as the American Red Cross.

Editor’s Opinion-Blood on their Hands

On October 8, New York City Fire Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta and New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly tag-teamed the city council at a public safety committee hearing in which they flatly rejected the concept of a unified, integrated incident management system for large-scale incidents in New York City.

USFA Signs Joint Agreement with the Metro Fire Chiefs to Create Incident Management Team...

A key component of this MOU is the creation of metropolitan area Incident Management Teams, with regional overhead capabilities to assist in major operations.

After 9/11, a Question of Command

After the World Trade Center attack, New York City's police and fire officials came under criticism for lapses in command and communication in their response to the disaster. A private consultant told the city that catastrophes of this size required a unified command overseeing the numerous emergency agencies.

Hose Couplings

Of all the various types of fire service tools and equipment, the common hose coupling is arguably the most underrated and least appreciated piece of equipment in use today.