Fireground Management

Do You Have PAR?

PAR is a term that is commonly used in a properly implemented accountability system. PAR stands for Personnel Accountability Report.


One of the most significant challenges facing a company officer today is bringing his group together as an effective team. Many officers may agree that bringing the group together is easy; encouraging that same group to work together cohesively can be a monumental task.

Letters to the Editor

Perhaps the most important advantage of the two-pump operation is that it enhances firefighter safety by providing a measure of redundancy in the fire attack.

The Jersey City Effort

The Jersey City Fire and Police Departments aggressively tried to reach victims of the World Trade Center (WTC) through the PATH train tunnels that extend under the Hudson River from New Jersey to New York. We tried on September 11 and for a number of days after.

Traffic Hazards to Fire Fighters While Working Along Roadways

The number of fire fighters struck and killed by motor vehicles has dramatically increased within recent years. During the five-year period between 1995 and 1999, 17 fire fighters were struck and killed by motorists.

Fechheimer Brothers Co. Earns ISO 9001 Registration

Fechheimer Brothers Company, a designer, manufacturer, and distributor of fire stationwear work uniforms, was granted ISO 9001 Registration from UL on June 7.

Jackson Confirmed As DOT Deputy Secretary

Michael P. Jackson was recently confirmed as Deputy Secretary of the US. Department of Transportation (DOT).


Of the estimated 1,000 patrons inside the Cocoanut Grove nightclub when the fire occured in 1942, 492 died.1 According to "Searching for Answers" (NFPA Journal, May/June 2000): "Developments in fire science may shed light on the 57-year-old mystery surrounding the Cocoanut Grove fire that killed 492 people." I maintain that there is no mystery.


The importance of an incident management (command) system to the efficiency of emergency incident operations has been well demonstrated. Much has been written about the command organization and the incident commander. Little has been written about the sector officer-the workhorse of the organization.

USFA and ATF seeking information on AIMS

Local and state fire investigators--whether or not they are now using the program--are invited to review the Arson Information Management System (AIMS). The U.S. Fire Administration and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) will use the information to evaluate the program from the perspective of improving its usefulness to local and state fire/arson investigation units.