Fireman Fights Fire in Own Home

Fireman Fights Fire in Own Home

This was more than the usual fire run for a member of the Pittsburgh, Pa., department—it was a fire in his own home. It was not an ordinary fire for there was loss of life, the two children of the family suffocated as they huddled in fear behind a door.

Lynch was a driver. The apparatus was directed down the street with more than the customary speed. In a flash he was up to his home, searching through various rooms for members of his family. Others of the company accompanied him with flashlights. They searched in the basement, in the attic but did not think to look behind a partition where later Chief Beckett found the two bodies.

The tragedy occurred while the fireman’s wife went out shopping and while the children were supposedly playing in the attic.

Emergency Squad Established at New Kensington, Pa. The fire department at New Kensington, Pa., has been equipped with Burrell All-Service Gas Masks and an emergency squad has been established. At the Kinlock Mine explosion, in which twelve men lost their lives, this squad was the first on the scene and they gave valuable assistance. Chief Edward Lawson, head of the fire department, is standing on the running

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