Fireman Healey.

Fireman Healey.

Inasmuch as an anonymous correspondent, in writing to the Herald, calls into question Patrick Healy’s services in extinguishing the fire on Mrs. Gracie’s dress (originating, it will be remembered, in the overturning of a lighted alcohol lamp), we append the following letter from the lady, wherein she not only pays a fitting compliment and shows her gratitude to Heal for his meritorious action, but sets at rest this much controverted matter, showing that Healy alone is entitled to the credit. Healy is the genial driver of Engine 14, a cool, courageous fellow, yet so modest that he fain would hold this incident from the papers. Since it has been published, and some one disputes his right to the credit due to the action, Mrs. Gracic has nobly spoken in his behalf.

200 East Fortieth sir., Dec. 15. 1$77Mr. Patrick Healy:

Mv DEAR SIR :—My attention lias been called to a letter in the Herald, in which it is stated that on the recent occasion on which, by an awkward accident, my clothing was set on fire in the Dental College in 23d street, that you did not reach me until the flames were extinguished. I wrote a letter to the journal named controverting the statement, but it has not been published. I pronounce it to be an unqualified falsehood. Were it not for your presence and timely action I have no doubt that I should have been burned to death.

With the deepest gratitude, I am truly yours, MRS. JAMES GRAUIE.

CEMENT VS. IRON SEWER Pipe.—The Springfield Republican says:

“Notwithstanding the growls against the cement-lined pipe, the Water Commissioners, in their coming city report, will advocate its general introduction. They say the old cement pipe laid in 1864 has given the least trouble this year than iron alone for the last four years. The cement is perfectly smooth, and, of course, entirely free from rust, which often so chokes up the iron pipe as to destroy half its usefulness. The iron pipe used by the Boston and Albany road for the last twenty-five years, is now full of rust, and a great deal of head was lost in consequence at the late fire. The cement pit is of all sizes, with cement on each side of the iron. It forms the main connection between this city and Ludlow, and is about 20 per cent, cheaper than single iron pipe, as, in the latter, the metal being increased, it must be thicker.

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