Fireman Killed in Collision at Houston

Fireman Killed in Collision at Houston

In a collision in Houston, Texas, between a hook and ladder truck and an automobile, one fireman was killed and thirteen were injured. The car which collided with the fire apparatus was driven by Dr. Bost, who was on a hurry call and going at a high rate of speed. Passing westward into Dallas Avenue he apparently failed to see the fire apparatus or hear the siren. The driver of the truck saw the dootor’s car coming and made a 45-degree turn by twisting the steering Wheel with the front wheel of the truck. His efforts threw the trailing set wheels around to the north and as he straightened out after hitting the doctor’s car the truck dashed headlong into a standing street car. The driver was thrown through the glassed-in vestibule of the street car and died 15 minutes later on the operating talhle at a hospital. Thirteen members of the fire department who were on the truck are suffering from more or less serious injuries and Dr. Bost is at the hospital with a hare chance for recovery.

Fire Loss in Indiana Reduced—The fire loss of Indiana for the fiscal year of 1922 was reduced hv $1,.100,000.

New Fire Apparatus for Houghton, Mich. The Houghton, Mich., fire department will soon receive an addition to its equipment consisting of a Pirsch-White chemical and hose car, mounted on a two-ton chassis. The cost of the apparatus is $6,354.

Six Additional Firemen for Moline, Ill.—The hoard of fire and police commissioners of Moline, Ill., have recommended for appointment six of the fifteen candidates examined for membership on the city’s fire department. Acceptance of the six extra men indicates that the No. 4 fire station in the east end is to he reopened in the near future.


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