Waterbury, Conn.—Fitting tribute to his ordination to the priesthood of the Roman Catholic church, was paid by a hundred members of the Waterbury Fire Department to their former brother fireman, Michael J. Thompson, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Thompson of Bridge street, who was ordained with three other Weterbur:ans in St. Joseph’s Cathedral in Hartford.

Ten years ago Father Thompson was a fireman attached to the Scovill Street House of the Brass City fire department. As a fireman he ranked with the best smoke-eaters of that time. As a student he was marveled at.

When Father Thompson was a fireman in Waterbury, there was but one shift and that was for 24 hours per day with three hours allowed for meals. Father Thompson did not devote all his time to eating and gained his preliminary education through dint of hard study at meal time. He was appointed to the fire department in 1905 and for a period of six years worked hard with his brother fireeaters who today rejoice with him over his ordination to the priesthood.

Arrangements were made by Chief Henry H. Heitman to have the firemen whose duty ends at eight o’clock this morning attend Father Thompson’s first public mass in his home parish at the Church of the Sacred Heart.

The ordination of former Fireman Thompson to the sanctity of the priesthood, was hailed with delight by his many former pals in the fire department of Waterbury. His visits to his home town during the course of training for the priesthood were always marked with calls at the fire stations where he was greeted by his former associates in the fire fighting force.

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