Fireman Shot by Thugs

Fireman Shot by Thugs

Eugene E. Bergeron, 50, a member of the Milford, Conn., Fire Department, and part-time taxi driver, was shot five times in the body on the night of June 16 in Stratford while he was driving his cab.

Two passengers, Joseph Lundberg, 23, and his sister, Dorothy Ann Lundberg, 20, arrested later, were identified by Bergeron as his assailants. Bergeron is a patient in Bridgeport Hospital.

Joseph Lundberg’s arrest came about after he was caught following the holdup of a Bridgeport lunchroom proprietor. During questioning by police he admitted that he pumped five bullets into Bergeron’s body after robbing him of $12.25 in a secluded section of Stratford.

The climax to the Lundbergs desire for “easy money” came on June 16. Coming from a theater in Milford, Joseph and his sister hired Bergeron to take them to Bridgeport. The pair later ordered Bergeron to drive to Lordship, a residential section south of Stratford.

Leaving the cab in Stratford, Lundberg, according to his confession to police, turned suddenly and pulled the trigger of his revolver. Four shots struck Bergeron. The pair escaped and boarded a bus for Bridgeport. Bergeron made his way to a nearby house where he told his story. Police were notified and a wide search started for his assailant, with no clues to work on.

The holdup of the lunchroom proprietor solved the Bergeron shooting. After forcing the lunchroom owner to give him the money in the cash register, Lundberg ran from the place and hitchhiked a ride. Two teenage boys noted the license plates on the car. After locating the car owner, who told police where he took Lundgren, detectives went to the gunman’s room in the Washington Hotel, Bridgeport, and arrested him. It was during questioning that he admitted the Bergeron shooting, along with other holdups.

In Stratford Town Court on June 30, Lundberg and his sister were bound over to Superior Court in bonds of $25,000. Bergeron is expected to recover.

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