Fireman Sues Concern for Injuries at Fire

Fireman Sues Concern for Injuries at Fire

On the May calendar of cases for trial in the New York Supreme Court is the complaint of Fireman Edward J. Chapman, against the Manufacturer’s Transit Company, Inc., for $5,000 for personal injuries sustained at the big fire in the Jane Street warehouse in July, 1922, where Lieut, John Schoppmeyer of Engine Co. 13 was killed and several others were injured, due to an explosion within the building.

Fireman Chapman, through his attorney, former Battalion Chief, Luke J. Flanagan, who was the first chief officer of the department to arrive and take command at the fire in question, charges that the Manufacturer’s Transit Company, in violation of law, had stored in the warehouse magnesium powder in such quantities, as to cause the explosion, wrecking parts of the building and injuring members of the fire department.

Chapman, at that time was a member of H. & L. Co. 3 and was operating a water tower in front of the building. He alleges that as a result of the blast of magnesium powder, hot and poisonous gases caused him to fall, sustaining painful injuries from which he never fully recovered. He is now a member of H. & L. Co. 27, on East 176th street.

He charges that he breathed the hot and poisonous gases and that, since the occurrence his lungs have been affected, his eyes damaged and his respiratory organs injured and impaired.

By reason of the aforesaid injuries, Chapman avers, his nervous system has been shocked, his spine violently sprained and he believes and has been so advised that he will never fully recover, but will suffer as long as he lives.

He charges that by reason of the wrongful, unlawful, reckless and negligent conduct of the warehouse company, he has been permanently and painfully injured.

This is one several suits pending against the Manufacturer’s Transit Company, as a result of the so-called Jane street warehouse fire, but it is the first one to come to trial.

The defendant company denies the allegations set forth in the complaint.

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