Fireman’s Fund Releases Updated List of Grants Awarded

Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company has awarded more than $29 million in grants to fire departments and fire service organizations in all 50 states, since renewing its commitment to support firefighters for safer communities in 2004. A newly-updated list of grants awarded, broken out by state, can be found at and directly at

States receiving more than a million dollars in grants through the program include California, Georgia, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, New Jersey, New York and Texas.  Grants can be used to purchase needed equipment, firefighter training or community education materials.  

Firefighters regularly tell Fireman’s Fund about the impact of these grants. In many instances, the grants have helped firefighters save lives or have saved firefighters’ lives.  

“We are honored to provide fire service organizations across the country with the tools they need to save lives,” said Danielle Cagan, director of the grant program at Fireman’s Fund. “With many fire departments facing growing budget shortfalls, they are especially thankful to have the support — and communities are safer as a result of these grants.”

Grants awarded this year include:

  • $36,949 to St Louis Fire (MO) Department for firefighter self-rescue belts
  • $36,000 to Nashville (TN) fire service organizations for water rescue equipment  (in conjunction with NASH20)
  • $12,989 to the Stillwater (MN) Fire Department for a water rescue boat
  • $50,000 to the Montecito (CA) Fire District for a brush clearing program
  • $5,000 to the St. John’s (SC) Fire District for a residential numbering program

The grants are awarded at a grassroots level through company employees and participating independent insurance agencies that sell Fireman’s Fund insurance.

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