During the first two weeks of June, some of the lowlands, in and around Denver, Colorado, were flooded by the overflow from the Platte river. For a few days great anxiety was felt as to the outcome. The mental tension was made greater,—psychologically, due to the big overflow at Pueblo.

That the fire-laddies, as is usual, showed their metal, and efficiency, the following letter stands out as proofpositive:

“James J. Moses, Acting Chief Fire Dept., City and County of Denver.

Dear Sir:—

“I wish to express and convey through you to the officers and men of the fire department the high appreciation that is felt for the cheerful, efficient and untiring service rendered by them during the recent high water on the Platte.

“I am advised that the men without exception, who were on their regular day off, responded to the call for service. I think it is due you and the men of the department to know that the important services rendered by the departmen in the emergency is appreciated to the full extent, and I feel that the citizens of Denver owe to their work the fact that do great damage was suffered during the time of the flood.

Yours truly,


Manager of Safety and Excise,

City and County of Denver.”

Denver has the two-platoon system, but as is shown the boys forgot all about being off duty. They knew that the West side was in danger and they spent their day off fighting the danger.

Withal, I am very glad that Mr. Downer wrote the letter shown, and while a good man does not care so much about flattery, still we would not be human if we did not feel a little “down-in-the-mouth” when our best-licks are unnoticed.

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