Old, Discarded Toys Reconstructed by Men in Their Spare Momentsx2014;Toys Collected by Local Organizations and Given to Department

NEWS is the story of an unusual happening.

Years ago, it was very interesting to read of firemen devoting their spare moments for the reconstruction of discarded toys so that the poor children might be remembered at Christmas time. At the past Christmas season, so many fire departments throughout the country have utilized their idle moments in this work, that an account of such work has ceased to be news. In fact, it has been looked upon as the accepted thing by some.

It is impossible to tell of all the departments that have cooperated with city organizations so that the unfortunate children in the community might know that there is a Santa Claus.

At Utica, N. Y., the Junior League distributed toys to poor children that had been reconstructed by the local firemen.

Knoxville, Tenn., boasts of a General Knox Santa Claus Club the object of which is to collect all toys that are no longer used, and to repair and redistribute the gifts to the poor children. The toys were all collected in December and then redistributed to the fire stations and high schools. As the various scooters, doll’s dressers and so forth, were redecorated and repaired, they were taken to a central point to await delivery on Christmas Eve. Previously all of this work had been done by members of the fire departments but the tasks became so many that this year, the local high school boys have also helped.

Residents of Okmulgee, Okla., have found the answer to the question of “What do firemen do when there are no fires?” Last year members of the local department began restoring old toys for the poor. The plan worked so well that this year, four weeks in advance of Christmas, the men started fixing up toys that otherwise would be useless. Old knick-knacks designed to gladden some child’s heart, have found their way to the firemen’s repair shops. For days before the merry holiday, the men did not know what it was to have a spare moment. All were busy in hammering, painting and reconstructing.

And so on. It would be impossible to tell of all the fire departments that volunteered to aid local charity organizations at the Yuletide season. At this time there is many a child who was made happy at Christmas that Santa Claus might normally have forgotten in his haste to make his other calls.

Miami Firemen Help to Make Children Happy At Christmas Large crowds assisted the firemen of Miami, Fla., in unloading Christmas presents for the poor children of that city. The toys were donated to the children by the residents and many knick knacks were reconstructed by the firemen.

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