Indianapolis, Ind.—Five captains in the fire department have been promoted to battalion chiefs by the board of public safety. Thirty-two other firemen were promoted, five being advanced from lieutenant to captain, seven from firemen to lieutenant and twenty from firemen to chauffeur.

The promotions came as part of the process of installing the two platoon system, which is expected to be completed within a short time, the board explained.

Those who were promoted from captain to battalion chief were:

John Blackwell, Pumper Company No. 31; James Aldrich, Truck Company No. 8; Jesse Hutsell, Pumper Company No. 23; Harry Voshell, Pumper Company No. 28; William Grady, Engine Company No. 1.

These promotions give the department nine battalion chiefs. Battalion Chief Harry H. Fulmer will be withdrawn from active field duty and placed in charge of the firemen’s school soon to be established, leaving four chiefs available for night and four for day duty. The board of safety intends that there shall be either a battalion chief or an aide to such officer on duty at every fire.

The following were promoted from lieutenant to captain:

William Steinhauer, Truck Company No. 2; Otis Bailey, Pumper Company No. 7; Kenneth Burns, Pumper Company No. 11; Dermis Lyons, Engine Company No. 10; Benjamin Cromley, Pumper Company No. 8.

Firemen were promoted to lieutenant as follows: Henry Rothermel, Pumper Company No. 3; J. R. Miller, Pumper Company No. 8; Ross Herron, Pumper Company No. 8; Michael Hyland, Pumper Company No. 7; John Mahoney, of the water tower; John Monahan, Engine Company No. 10; Charles Britton, Truck Company No. 27.

Firemen were promoted to the rank of chauffeur as follows:

Joseph Tuohy, Engine Co. No. 1; William Metzler, Pumper Co. 4; Otto Rubenstein, Pumper Co. No. 6; George Bailey, Pumper Co. No. 6; Elwood Johnson, Pumper Co. No. 8; Herbert Gardner, driver for battalion chief; William Hanna, Pumper Co. No. 14; Sanford Metcalfe, Pumper Co. No. 14; Robert Hansell, Pumper Co. No. 23; Le Roy Green, Pumper Co. No. 23; Walter Warrenberg, Pumper Co. No. 26; Daniel Murray, Pumper Co. No. 31; Jody Day, Truck Co. No. 5; William Clinger, Truck Co. No. 5; Edward

Schurman, Truck Co. No. 7; Carl Sachs, Truck Co. No. 8; Fred Coombs, Pumper Co. No. 9; Frank Leatherman, Truck Co. No. 11; Louis Trefry, Truck Co. No. 11.

The following were appointed substitute firemen: John G. Stewart, Cecil Chamberlain, George L. Burks, Clyde E. Martin, David B. Strode, Maurice Bottoms, Earnest J. Landrum, Fred W. Morton and Nicholas Werner.

Aldrich was appointed to the department Aug. 25, 1895, and promoted to captain Sept. 27, 1901. Blackwell went on the force Dec. 15, 1899, was promoted to engineer on Jan. 13, 1904, and to captain, in March, 1912. Grady’s appointment as fireman came on Nov. 18, 1896, his promotion to lieutenant Sept. 6, 1911 and to captain Jan. 5, 1914. Hutsell was appointed April 25, 1902, promoted to lieutenant June 7, 1905, promoted to captain Nov. 27, 1911; reduced to fireman, Nov. 10, 1915, and raised to captain again Jan. 7, 1918. Appointment as a fireman was given to Voshell Sept. 28, 1904. He was promoted to lieutenant Jan. 6, 1911; placed on the Flood Roll of Honor in April, 1913, and advanced to captain Aug. 19, 1914.

A sharp increase in the number of bell alarms is noted in the May report of Fire Chief John C. Loucks. Of the 246 alarms received, 104 were through fireboxes and 142 over the telephone. In April there were only fifty-seven and in March only sixty-five bell alarms. Officials ascribed the increase to publicity given the fact that in the disastrous New Jersey street fire last month, fire pressure was not obtained in the water mains until some time after the alarm was turned in, because the department was notified over the telephone and firemen failed to “pull the box” when they saw the blaze was getting beyond their control. Turning the key in a firebox automatically notifies the Indianapolis Water Company that fire pressure is needed.

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