Firemen Build Drill Tower

Firemen Build Drill Tower

Located in the rear of Station No. 4 in San Bernardino, Cal., stands the newly completed drill tower that was built by the members of the Fire Department. The tower is fourteen feet long, twelve feet wide, and about fortyseven feet high. The rafters are two by twelve inches.

The first floor is fourteen feet high; the second, third and fourth floors are ten feet high; the fire wall is two feet, ten inches; the windows are 3.5 feet wide by six feet high; the stairway is 2.5 feet wide; and the scuttle hole in the roof is thirty inches square.

San Bernardino Drill Tower

There are no windows on the east or south sides, but there are double windows on the west side and single windows oil the north side. The windows are equipped with removable shutters for enclosing the tower openings when not in use.

Due to the erection of the tower and the increasing of the personnel with eight new men, the insurance rates in the city were reduced ten per cent.

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