Firemen Defended

Firemen Defended

Jack Butler, columnist on the Bridgeport, Conn., Herald, hit the nail on the head the other day when he went all the way for the fireman of today. In his column, “On the Labor Front,” Jack had this to say:

“It might be a good idea for those people who criticize the ‘lazy firemen who sit around the firehouse all day’ to look at the newspapers.

“Practically every time you see a headline it tells about firefighters being seriously injured or overcome by smoke in a disastrous blaze.

“Any one can pick out the pleasant part of the other fellow’s job, but the hard work and routine that goes with the bright side are never mentioned.

“Firemen earn every cent they get, and they’re underpaid at that. Notice firemen’s death certificates. In practically every case active and retired firemen die of occupational disease— heart trouble.”

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