Firemen Honored for Bravery

Firemen Honored for Bravery

New York Men Awarded Medals for Heroic Acts.

New York City—Fire Commissioner Thomas J. Drennan approved the findings of the Fire Department Board of Merit, recommending service decorations for twenty-nine members of the Fire Department for acts of heroism performed last year. Four of the awards are for bravery at extreme personal risk, others are for lesser merit and still others are for general efficiency and one is for discipline.

Stellar honors go to the following: The James Gordon Bennett medal to Fireman Frank J. Costello, of 156 West 165th street, the Bronx, Hook and Ladder Company 12; the Bonner medal for Fireman Charles W. Holmes, 424 Fourth avenue, Hook and Ladder Company 10; Trevor-Warren medal for Fireman Charles Amato, 415 East Fifty-second street, Manhattan, Engine Company 72, and the Thomas A. Kenny memorial medal to Fireman Charles F. McGrath, 103 East Burnside avenue, the Bronx, Hook and Ladder Company 12.

Other awards are: The Henri A. Van Houlkelom Medal to Fireman Michael J. Lawlor, of 23 Twentysecond street, Elmurst, Hook and Ladder Company 21; Brooklyn Citizen’s Medal to Fireman Michael P. Cashman, of 5518 Fort Hamilton avenue, Engine Company 282; William S. Hurley Medal for Fireman James F. Fitzpatrick, No. 1, of 48 Post avenue, Manhattan, Hook and Ladder Company 22; Thomas E. Crimmins’ Medal for Fireman James J. Walsh, No. 2, of 320 East Eightieth street, Manhattan, Hook and Ladder Company 2.

John T. Agnew Medal for fireman John Synder of 10,415 Hamilton avenue, Rihhmond Hill, Engine Company 14; Dr. Harry M. Archer Medal for fireman John Walsh, No. 1, of 220 East Thirty-ninth street, Manhattan, Hook and Ladder Company 1; Henry D. Tierney of 77 Berry street, Manhattan, Engine Company 72; John H. Prentice Medal to fireman Robert J. Davis, of 152 Kingsland avenue, Corona, Hook and Ladder Company 16; Walter Scott Medal for fireman Matthew J. Crawley, of 178 Cypress avenue, Flushing, Engine Company 72.

Stephenson Medal for Discipline to Capt. William Ward, of 392 Eighth street, Hook and Ladder, No. 122, and the Fire College Efficiency Medal to the officers and members of Engine Company No. 210, at 160 Carlton avenue.

The Acts of Heroism

Fireman Holmes on January 20, 1920, made a heroic effort to reach three men trapped on the top floor of a building at 16 Maiden lane. He ascended the Liberty place side of the building on a fire escape and at the third floor fire broke out the windows about him, setting his clothes afire, but he continued on. It was necessary to turn a hose line upon him to save him from perishing and his total indifference to his personal safety, although he could not reach the persons whom he was trying to save, caused the board to consider his bravery favorably.

Fireman Amato, early on the morning of February 1, 1920, rescued Mr. and Mrs. Synoza Carinisti and Mrs. Elizabeth Miner from the fourth floor of 57 West Twelfth street. He stretched himself from an adjoirn ing fire-escape to the window adjacent and swung the man and two women to safety. In this he was assisted by Firemen Tierney and Crawley, who held him from falling to the street below and aided in seizing one of the women when she jumped into Amato’s arms. Fireman Crawley at that time was only a probationer, one month in the service. He is a son of Deputy Fire Chief Joseph Crawley and was on the staff of Gen. John F. O’Ryan in the A. E. F.

Scales House to Save Woman

Fireman Lawlor, on the night of May 16, 1920, rescued Mrs. Cecelia Reder from the fifth floor of 77 West 45th street, Manhattan, where she was screaming at the window for help. When Lawlor arrived with Truck No. 21, he ascended to the third floor of the adjoining house and then scaled the sills to the fifth floor of the building in which Mrs. Reeder was trapped. He hugged the front of the building and led her across to safety.

Fireman Cashman, on a day off duty, was passing 12 Peck Slip, Manhattan, when flames burst forth from a paper and oakum supply house. First puling the nearest fire alarm, he returned to the scene, and made a flying jump for the first floor fire escape, catching hold with both hands. He ascended to the third floor and found the unconscious form of Miss Eleen Kellerher, 22 years old, of Amityville, L. I. Cashman carried her to the fire escape and went below, placing her safely in the hands of willing assistants from among the citizens in the street. He returned and came upon Charles Kuhn, of 99 Pilling street. He aided Kuhn down the fire escape, when both were cut off by fire belching forth from the second floor windows. Taking Kuhn by the hand Cashman bid him jump and both landed on the sidewalk. Cashman was burned and slightly injured, as was Mr. Kuhn.

Saves Family From Flames

Fireman Snyder saved several persons from peril at 109 St. Mark’s place on April 17, 1920, when he stretched a wooden ladder from the roof of the adjoining building and using it as a bridge guided Mrs. Margaret Alexander, her young son and others across it from the building afire, in which escape by the stairway had been cut off. This is the first time the Agnew Medal has been awarded. It is donated for the members of Engine Company 14 only.

Fireman Davis rescued Miss Elder Kormose, of 144 East Eighteenth street, Manhattan, from the window of her home on the fifth floor. The ladder on which he tried to reach her was short by one story and he scaled the lintels and frustrated her attempts to jump until a longer ladder could be set.

Capt. Ward gets the Stephenson medal for general discipline and all-round fire duty. His company was the model of the department for last year.

The hire College Efficiency Medal goes to the officers and firemen of Engine 210 for the best time made in evolutions and drill at the hire College. The members are: Captain Maurice F. Delay, Lieutenant James V. McManus, Engineer Frank P. Henry, Engineer David J. Murphy, Firemen Jacob G. Bory, Anthony J. Cresci, John H. Geerdes, Thomas D. McGrath, Patrick E. McNally, John J. Nelson, Joseph A. Spode, Charles F. .Stolz, Patrick Sullivan, Charles B. Maurer and David J. Size.

The medals will be presented with appropriate ceremonies in front of City Hall by Mayor John F. Hylan on a day in June—the date to be fixed at the convenience of the Mayor.

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