Firemen in a Collision.

Firemen in a Collision.

A trolley car and a hook and ladder truck collided in Newark, N. J., last Tuesday morning with disastrous results. Truck 2 rolled out of the house in Plane street, and, with gong ringing and horses on a full gallop, went up the street in response to an alarm from Seventh avenue. At the same time car 117 of the Orange line was coming down Orange street with power shut off. but at a high speed obtained by gravity on the hill below High street. Motorman George Ketcham was clanging his gong steadily. He had passed engine 4 at High street, and should have been upon the lookout for its hook and ladder truck.

On the rear platform of the car was Patrolman Thomas Purcell of the Second precinct. He saw the danger of a collision at Plane street and rang the bell for the motorman to stop the car. At the same instant Ketcham heard the gong on the truck, and as he put on the brake and reversed his motor he saw the fire horses plunging out of Plane street. John B. Chenowith was on the driver’s seat and Edward Gilhooley at the tiller wheel, while the members of the company and George Denman of Engine 4 were strung along the side of the ladders on the footboards.

Perceiving that he was under too much headway to stop, the driver of the truck lashed his horses and tried to clear the rapidly advancing car. Some of the firemen jumped before the truck crossed curb line. – The others stayed on the truck. ‘The truck was halfway across the track when the trolley car, crashed into it, turning it completely over and burying fiveof the men in the wreck of the ladders. The horses were thrown by the pole, but their weight, snapped it off short. Driver Chenowith’s right arm was broken so that the bone protruded several inches,and he was otherwise painfully injured. Fireman Robert D. Bender was cut over the eye,but worked hard in extricating his comrades, though the blood poured down over his face and clothing.

George Denman, of Steamer 4, was hurt worse than the others, and although no bones were broken, he was so badly bruised and squeezed that there are fears he may not recover. He was taken to his home at 30 Essex street senseless and with blood oozing from his mouth, ears and nostrils. Fireman JohnJ. Breslin was seriously hurt, and is in St. Michael’s Hospital with Chenowith.

Motorman Ketcham, after putting on the brake%, sprang back.vird against the door. He escaped injury, although the bonnet and platform were splintered. Policeman Purcell took him and Conductor Stephen Fox to the Second precinct station, where subsequently they were paroled.

Truck 2 has had several narrow escapes at this corner, and people in the neighborhood said that such an accident was expected any day.

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