Firemen Inspectors for Birmingham

Firemen Inspectors for Birmingham

Chief A. V. Bennett, of Birmingham, Ala., is endeavoring to work out some plan whereby proper inspection by firemen can be had. The Cincinnati plan is very much in favor. That city gives the chief of the fire department power to compel any changes or additions, such as fire escapes, enclosed shafts, etc., he thinks necessary. He or his deputies can make inspections, and then compel the lessees of the buildings to follow his suggestions. The present situation developed in Birmingham when the chief and the building inspector were ordered to make an inspection and enforce the laws. The chief reported there were no laws in Birmingham to cover old buildings; that the new buildings constructed were made to provide proper fire protection, but the old strucures were not affected by the laws.


1,004,425 Tapping-machine. Arthur W. Cash, Decatur, Ill., assignor to H. Mueller Mfg. Co., same place.

1.095,595. Fire-escape. Herbert Prince, New York, N. Y.

1.095.847. Latch for fire-escape doors. Frederick Gess. Camden, N. J.

1.095,949. Fire-alarm circuit-closer. Benjamin Trent, Clifton, N. J. .

1.096,232. Hose reel. Frank A. Foster, Battle Creek, Mich.

1.096,458. Auxiliary fire-engine heater. John B Redd, Oakland, and Samuel Bermingham, San Francisco, Cal.

1,097.145. Fire-extinguishing compound. Walter O. Spelling, Pittsburgh, Pa., assignor of one-half to Frank 1.. Over, Montclair, N. J., and Jonas W. Aylsworth, East Orange, N. J.

1,097,212. Water-meter. James M. Burton, Long Island City, N. Y., assignor to Neptune Meter Co., New York. N. Y.

1,097.4:15. Apparatus for extinguishing fires. Friedrich W. Hinkel, Tempelhof, Germany, assignor, by mesne assignments, to Internationale Feuerloscher Gesellschaft M.B.H., Berlin, Germany.

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