Firemen Leap to Safety

Firemen Leap to Safety

Chief George Sinclair of Toronto, Ont., and eight of his men had to leap to safety, to escape injury from a falling wall when fire developed in a three-story stone building housing the Imperial Bank.

The night engineer of the bank was sleeping on the third floor. He claims he heard an explosion and rushed down to investigate. A china warehouse on the second floor was filled with smoke. He tried to use a standpipe, but was driven out by the heat. Meanwhile a pedestrian, who has seen the smoke, turned in an alarm.

When F’latoon Chief Ollie Poole arrived with the first companies, he found flames issuing from the top floor and the roof almost hidden by dense clouds of black smoke. A second alarm was turned in at once. Chief George Sinclair responded. Firemen w’ere driven out of the bank building by an explosion. Several men were trapped on the third floor and had to chop a hole into an adjoining building in order to escape.

After thirty minutes of hard work, it appeared that the fire was under control. Another blast sent the flames soaring again. Shortly after men were ordered off from their ladders, and an aerial moved, the front wall of the building collapsed.

Equipment used included two high pressure hose trucks, five hose trucks, one salvage wagon, four aerials^ two city service trucks, one gasoline truck, and one motor shop, plus emergency cars.

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