Firemen of Two Rhode Island Towns Hold Drill

Firemen of Two Rhode Island Towns Hold Drill

Five North Providence fire companies and two Johnston fire units held a recent fire demonstration arranged by North Providence fire officials to ascertain the fire fighting strength that is available in case of a serious conflagration in the town.

The drill was staged at the plant of the Collins and Aikman Company, Inc., at Allendale, and was directed by Acting Chief John Murphy of the Centredale Fire Company. More than ten pieces of apparatus were used at the scene of the imaginary fire, for which three alarms were sounded from the Centredale alarm center.

The first alarm was sent out at 9:15 o’clock for the reported “blaze” which brought the Centredale, Fruit Hill and Lymansville companies. Two minutes later another alarm was sounded and the Geneva and Marieville companies were dispatched to the scene. A third alarm sounded soon afterwards and brought the two out-of-town companies. Johnston Hose 2 of Graniteville, and Johnston Hose 3 of Manton.

Under the direction of Acting Chief Murphy, the companies were ordered to the various spots to draw water from the Woonasquatucket River in the rear of the plant. Ten effective lines of various lengths were used, none of which were taken from the river and one line from a hydrant in front of the plant.

The Lymansville company laid 900 feet, the Centredale company, 350 feet; the Johnston companies approximately 1,800 feet, and the Geneva company, 800 feet. The Fruit Hill and Marieville units were held at the scene in reserve and in readiness to answer an alarm in any other part of the town. Four companies outside the town, the Greenville and Georgiaville companies from Smithfield, the Scituate unit and the Harmony company from Gloucester were also notified to be in readiness in case of any emergency call for help.

More than forty firemen representing the seven companies took part in the drill.

Assisting Chief Murphy were Chief Marden Graham, Lymansville; Chief Charles McCarron, Fruit Hill; Deputy Chief Domenic Cesano, Marieville; Chief Obidiah Christiensen, Geneva; Chief Paul Jache, Johnston Hose 3, and Chief Harry Nelson, Johnston Hose 2.

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