Firemen Start Loan Association

Firemen Start Loan Association

Members of the Waterbury, Conn., Fire Department have formed a credit union under a federal charter. One of the important rules of the newly formed organization is that a member must purchase at least one share at five dollars per share.

With the money received from the share it is planned to create a fund from which members of the Waterbury department who are in need of ready cash may borrow loans up to $100 each. Interest on the loans will be one per cent a month on the unpaid balance and interest paid on shares is expected to be 7 per cent.

This is the first organization of its kind to be formed in Connecticut. The officers of the association are: President, Captain Richard C. Sheehan; Vice-President, Francis N. Bouley: Treasurer, Lieut. Michael Flaherty and Clerk, John F. English.

Chief George Lee, Roversford, Pa., was elected President of the Keystone Fire Chiefs’ Association at a meeting in Chester, pa., for his fourth term.

An unusual fire alarm system has been installed at the De Paul Institute for the Deaf at Brookline, Pa. A number of sirens set up loud and vibrant tones which cause vibrations in the walls and floors of the building and thus warn the deaf occupants.

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