Firemen Threaten to Quit Over Station Dispute

Firemen Threaten to Quit Over Station Dispute

The resignation of the entire 24-man Cooksville Volunteer Fire Brigade faces Toronto Township Council following the letting of a contract for a new $14,300 fire hall in the Town of Cooksville, Ontario.

Volunteers say the council has “sold them short” by failing to provide a place for the firemen’s meetings and recreation.

Fire Chief Jack Braithwaite, who appeared before council on Sept. 16th when bids were discussed, left the meeting with the understanding the fire hall was to be built with additional quarters.

Firemen, who had dressed in their uniforms for a protest march, dispersed; then the contract was let for the construction of three truck bays and no firemen’s quarters.

Firemen asserted that if the council did not change the contract they will resign in a body, leaving the area without fire protection except for one man, who became the first permanent fireman of the township this year.

Councillor Ian Harte, fire committee chairman, said originally it was intended to spend only $10,000 in remodelling a former Toronto Township Hydro Office, which was located on Dundas St. W. just east of the village’s main intersection, and this would have left room in the old building for firemen’s quarters.

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