FirePrograms Introduces New Personnel Scheduling Software

Ocala, Florida – July 28, 2011 – FirePrograms Software has announced the addition of their emergency service Personnel Scheduling Software in a stand-alone and integrated version of their comprehensive Fire and EMS records management software. 

The new Personnel Scheduling Software has been carefully designed to enhance your agency’s personnel efficiency and manpower utilization. The software enables department supervisors to create, view and modify personnel schedules providing administrative staff with powerful tools to analyze requirements and personnel activity. The Personnel Scheduling Software also provides beneficial scheduling tools to your employees, opening new communication channels to manage work schedules and shift coverage.

On the integrated FireSpace website each member of the emergency service organization can have online web access to view and manage work schedules, respond to shift coverage requests, initiate shift trades, vacation, sick time and other time off requests. Additionally, the FireSpace interface provides emergency service agencies with a portal to upload useful documents and information to staff members for remote access via the web.

FirePrograms new Scheduling module addresses a variety of needs within emergency services as organizations of all types look to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their personnel scheduling process,” comments Gary Ewers, President of FirePrograms Software. “In this world of constant connectivity, emergency service personnel can utilize our technology to access and manage their personal work schedules from any location. Our Scheduling software can drastically reduce the time senior staff devote to daily scheduling functions, automating what were once resource intensive, time consuming processes,” said Chris Magiera, Vice President of FirePrograms Sales and Marketing.

Scheduling module software features include: 

  • Scheduling Wizard configuration interface designed to create multiple schedules including pre-configured 24/48, 48/96, Modified LA and many other work schedules
  • An integrated Status Board with up-to-the-minute locations of personnel and their duty status
  • Ability to easily update personnel status from on duty to a variety of custom time off categories
  • Set custom apparatus “slot” requirements to enable minimum staffing levels
  • Automated recommendations for appropriate fill-in personnel based upon rank and administrator defined certifications
  • Built-in email functions notify staff of shift trade opportunities, time off requests and shift commander approvals
  • Fully automated shift coverage request simplifies the process to alert staff of open positions needing coverage
  • Online calendar access via smartphones, tablets and PCs allowing shift trades and time off requests to be processed outside the station

FirePrograms integrated records management software provides an innovative and robust feature set combined with an incredible user experience.

For more information, please go to or call (800)327-7638.

FirePrograms Introduces GIS Mapping

FirePrograms Software has introduced the addition of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping to their comprehensive records management software. GIS Mapping uses spatial components to relate and integrate data from multiple sources. FirePrograms Software allows use of local GIS mapping data in conjunction with department mapping information to provide the most current and accurate data available.   The ability to view your GIS mapping data in layers, simultaneously or individually, allows your department to consider and visualize important factors when making critical planning decisions. 

For more information, visit or call (800) 327-7638.