Fires During 1893.

Fires During 1893.

We are enabled to give to our readers what may fairly be said to be the fire losses for 1893 as compiled from the daily reports received at this office. The total for the year was $156,445,875 divided as follows :

According to the rules of “moral hazard,” it might have been expected that the utter prostration of business for the last six months would have largely increased the losses ; but the comparison shows that the losses for that period were $70,000,000 against $86 000.000 for the first half, and that they were only 2,000.000 to 3,000,000 over those for the last half of 1892 and 1891 respectively. This feature is a gratifying exhibit, and seems to warrant the inference that the companies have been unusually successful in their discrimination on moral hazard.

There were, in December, 235 fires of a greater destructiveness than $10,000 each. They may be classified as follows :

The fire underwriters are disposed to attribute much of the increase in fire waste to carelessness in installing electric light and power equipments. The electric hazard is being investigated b^ experts, who are gathering particulars of electrical fires. In addition to this feature it is alleged that fraudulent fires are becoming more and more common.

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