Fires from Alternative Heating

Fires from Alternative Heating

I am commencing a study on fires and fatalities that have resulted from the use of alternative means of heating and lighting a home when electrical service is interrupted or discontinued. I would appreciate receiving information in the following areas:

•What caused the power outage? Was it storm-related or the result of failure to pay the electric bill?

•Does your department address how to handle a power outage in your fire prevention and education programs?

•Who, if anyone, provides assistance when a power outage occurs? What type of help is provided? Does your community have an assistance plan for families who cannot pay their electric bills?

•Do you have a fire safety program that addresses the dangers of using makeshift heating and lighting devices and how to prevent injuries and loss of life from the hazards associated with these alternatives?

Send information to P.O. Box 253, Stephens City, VA 22655.

Michael Wines

Stephens City (VA) Volunteer Fire

and Rescue Department

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