Firestone Chauffeur’s Moral Code.

Firestone Chauffeur’s Moral Code.

The Firestone Tire and Rubber Company has issued the following code: This certifies that the Commercial Motor Vehicle Chauffeur, to whom this document has been awarded, has the interests of his vehicle ever in mind and regardless of the yearnings of the repairman and the junk dealer, has adopted the following chauffeur s moral code: 1. I will avoid overloading my vehicle, because of the heavy stress it places on the mechanism and tires 2. I will not overspeed my vehicle, as I realize that its tires and mechanism have their limitations and if persistently overtaxed they cannot give their full length of service, 3. I will keep my brakes working with equal pressure on each wheel, and the axles and wheels trued up. I can thereby save rack and wear on the running gear and prevent unusual stress on any one of the tires, t. I will not allow oil or grease to accumulate on my rubber tires, because this will cause them to decay. 5. I will always start my vehicle before turning the steering wheel: remembering that the act of turning the front wheels when vehicle is standing still places a heavy and unnecessary stress upon the tires, 6. 1 will start and stop mv vehicle gradually and avoid jerky motions under all circumstances. 7. I will not persist in running my vehicle along street car rails, as that grinds off the edges of the tires, 8. I will always when possible choose the smoother pathway, avoiding obstacles and road irregularities; and will cross car tracks preferably at an angle. 9. As merely re-setting or repairing a side-wire tire will in many cases double its life, I will have my tires attended to promptly in order to secure this extra service. 10. To protect my vehicle against tire trouble I will use my influence in favor of the longest-wearing and easiest-riding tires that are made—Firestone Side-Wire Tires.


By H. S Firestone, President.

Attest: S. G. Carkhuff,


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