Firestone Tire and Rubber Company Notes.

Firestone Tire and Rubber Company Notes.

Mr. H. S. Firestone, president of the Firestone Tire and Rubber company, Akron, Ohio, is making an extensive trip through the West, visiting all of the branches and agencies of the Firestone company.

To show its appreciation of the way in which the drivers of the two locomobile cars in the Fairmount Park race at Philadelphia handled Firestone tires and the satisfactory results shown, the Firestone Tire and Rubber company presented the drivers of these machines, Robertson, the winner, and Florida, the only man who succeeded in passing his teammate, with handsome souvenir cups, and to the mechanics, Ethridge and Connelly, respectively, artistic medals. The following letter from Irv ing .1. Morse, manager of the locomobile branch, to Mr. Walton, shows the opinion of the entrant of the two big machines:

“Mr. W. R. Walton, Mgr.,

“Firestone Tire Company Branch,

“256 N. Broad street, Phila.

“Dear Sir:—I want to tell you how greatly delighted we are with the exceptional endurance qualities shown by the Firestone tires with which ve equiped both of our locomobile cars in the Fairmount Park auto race. Throughout the whole contest we had absolutely no trouble with the tires on either car. Both Mr. Robertson and Mr. Florida are loud in their praise of the Firestone tires, and concur with 11s in what we say about them. Their work was the most exceptional that has come to our notice, and we f.eel that it is only due to you to express our appreciation.


“Verv truly tours,


“Manager Locomobile Branch.”

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