First Meeting of Mexico Chiefs

First Meeting of Mexico Chiefs

The first meeting of the fire chiefs of Mexico was held September 25, 1955, in the historical city of Queretaro, State of Queretaro. Sessions lasted three days.

Principal purpose of the gathering was to form the “Asociacion de Jefes de Cuerpos de Bomberos de la Republica Mexicana, A.C.” (Association of the Mexican Fire Chiefs). The organization was legally launched and registered, and set for its main objective the betterment of living and working conditions for Mexican firemen. The Association also will strive to equip fire departments of the Republic with modern fire fighting facilities.

The organization was sparkplugged by Colonel Evodio Alarcon Garcia, Fire Chief of the Mexico City Fire Department, who completed 40 years service with his department on September 24. Colonel Don Evodio, as he is known by everybody in Mexico, has an outstanding record for fighting fires with his limited nre force of only five stations in Mexico City, which has a population of approximately 4 million persons and is handicapped by narrow streets, water shortage and very few hydrants. In 1954 the department responded to more than 1200 alarms for fires.

Mexican Chiefs meet to organize a national association. Commander Cerlos O. Barragan, the first President of the group is the fifth man from the left (in light suit) in second row. Colonel Don Evodio is at his right.

Colonel Don Evodio refused the presidency of the new Association because of pressure of work; therefore Commander Carlos O. Barragan of Nogales, Sonora, was elected the first president. He. too, has had an excellent record as a fire fighter.

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