Morning Sessions of School Set Aside for Lectures and Discussions—Practical Demonstrations of Equipment Arranged for Afternoon


THE First Annual Ohio Fire School was held at Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, during the week of September 15-19, inclusive. This school was sponsored by the Ohio Municipal League, the Ohio Fire Chiefs’ Association, the State Fire Marshal’s Office, and the Ohio Inspection Bureau.

The morning sessions of the school were devoted to talks, illustrated lectures, and discussion. The afternoon sessions were devoted to practical demonstrations, the use of all kinds of fire apparatus, with special emphasis on minor equipment. This work was in charge of Assistant Chief C. T. Donnelley and six firemen of the Lakewood, Ohio, fire department.

At the conclusion of the school, a total of 238 attendance certificates were issued.

The complete program of the week’s activities follows:

Monday, September 15

Registration and Room Assignment.

Purpose and Procedure of School—Dr. Harvey walker, Chairman.

Organization and Operation of Fire Departments—W. J.

Manning, Chief Engineer, Ohio Inspection Bureau. Discussion.

Luncheon at Pomerene Hall.

Adjournment for lunch.

Drill Evolutions, Ohio Stadium—Assistant Chief C. T. Donnelley, Lakewood, O., in charge.

Tuesday, September 16

Round Table: Major Fire Department Equipment—H. C. Williams, Drill Master, Cincinnati Fire Department. Discussion.

Minor Fire Department Equipment—Chief Jos. H. Speady, Lakewood, O.


Housing and Care of Equipment—W. S. Winnard, Fire Dept.

Instructor, Ohio Inspection Bureau.


Adjournment for lunch.

Luncheon at Pomerene Hall. The Work of the State Fire Marshal’s Office—Ray Gill, State Fire Marshal.

Drill Evolutions.

Demonstration of Fire Apparatus. Ladder and Hose Trucks.

Wednesday, September 17

Round Table: Cooperation between Fire Department and

Police Department.


Cooperation between Fire Departments and Water Departments—Robert E. Leedom, Fire Chief, Portsmouth.


Fire Department Hydraulics—Clarence Goldsmith, Assistant Chief Engineer, National Board of Fire Underwriters, Chicago, I11.


Adjournment for luncheon.

Luncheon at Pomerene Hall. The Law of Fire Fighting in Ohio—Gilbert Bettman, Attorney-General, State of Ohio.

Drill Evolutions.

Demonstration of Fire Apparatus.

Thursday, September 18

Chemistry of Fire—Dr. Jesse E. Day, Department of Chemistry, Ohio State University.

Discussion. Building Inspection as a Fire Department Activity—James Granger, Assistant Chief Fire Department, Cleveland, O.


Electrical Hazards—F. O. Evertz, Supt. Electrical Dept., Ohio Inspection Bureau.


Adjournment for luncheon.

Luncheon at Pomerene Hall. Other Special Hazards— Clarence Goldsmith, Assistant Chief Engineer, National Board of Fire Underwriters, Chicago, I11.

Drill Evolutions.

Demonstration of Fire Apparatus. Minor Equipment.

Friday, September 19

First Aid and Resuscitation—F. S. Crawford, U. S. Bureau of Mines, Duluth, Minn.


Arson Detection—F. R. Morgaridge, Chief Special Agent, National Board of Fire Underwriters, New York, N. Y.


The work of the Underwriters’ Laboratories—George E. Muldaur, General Agent, Underwriters’ Laboratories, New York, N. Y.


Conferring of Certificates.

New Hampshire Firemen Meet

Four hundred firemen attended the thirty-third annual convention of the New Hampshire State Firemen’s Association held in Dover.

The motion that a committee be instructed to draft a bill to be presented to the legislature for their attention which would create the office of State Fire Marshal was vetoed. It was felt that each town is capable of handling its own fire hazards.

Chief Carroll M. Nash, of Dover, was elected President; James Degnan, Nashua, First Vice-President; Chief Timothy E. Driscoll, Peterboro, Second Vice-President; Oscar P. Stone, Manchester, Secretary; Albert C. Melendy, Nashua, Treasurer; Perley G. Field, Exeter, Sergeant-at-Arms; Clarence D. Fay, Hinsdale, and John D. Grady, Dover, members of the Executive Committee.

Ex-Deputy Chief of Norwalk Dead

Former Deputy Fire Chief Frederick M. Wheeler, who has been connected with the Norwalk, Connecticut, fire department for the past forty-seven years, died suddenly on September 22 with a heart attack while working at theplant of the Siegel Lock Company of Norwalk. He was sixty-five years of age.

The deceased was chief of the East Norwalk fire department from 1895 until 1913, when he was made deputy chief in that town after the merging of East Norwalk with the city of Norwalk and the fire departments placed on a permanent basis. Former Chief Wheeler was a member of the Connecticut State Firemen’s Association and also con nected with the Fire Chiefs’ Club of Connecticut. He is survived by his widow and daughter.


Williston Park Refuses Extra Apparatus—Officials of Williston Park, N. Y., have refused the plea that extra fire apparatus be purchased on the grounds that there is no facilities for housing the contemplated purchase.

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