First Response Coalition lauds Senate resolution on day honoring responders

In a bipartisan show of support for the men and women of the emergency services, the United States Senate passed an FRC-conceived resolution designating September 25th as National First Responder Appreciation Day. The resolution (S.Res.215), introduced into the Senate by Senator Wayne Allard (CO), is cosponsored by over 30 Senators, including presidential hopefuls John McCain (AZ) and Hillary Rodham Clinton (NY).

Congress has seen fit to honor pigs and popcorn, catfish and ice cream with national days of recognition, yet there is no national day to honor the heroic firefighters, police officers and emergency medical personnel who protect our communities. Since December 2006, the First Response Coalition (FRC – has asked Congress to establish an official day that recognizes first responders for their sacrifices, contributions and dedication to public service. To date, over 5,000 people have signed the FRC’s online petition calling for a National First Responder Appreciation Day. Recently, the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army, the National Civic League and the Veterans of Foreign Wars have endorsed the FRC campaign.

“The FRC would like to thank Senator Allard for his leadership on this issue. The FRC is very pleased with the strong support the Senate has shown for our first responders, and the swift action they have taken to help give our heroes the national day of appreciation and recognition that they deserve,” said Steven Jones, FRC Executive Director. “I would like to today call on the House of Representatives to introduce a similar resolution as soon as possible, and ask President Bush to get his pen ready to make National First Responder Appreciation Day the annual day of recognition that it deserves to be.”

Visit to learn more about the FRC’s campaign for a National First Responder Appreciation Day and sign the FRC’s petition to Congress.

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