First Two Weeks of Year See $12,000,000 Loss

First Two Weeks of Year See $12,000,000 Loss

Little Promise of Decrease from Last Year’s Heavy Record So Far in January’s Fire Losses—Large Fires in Las Vegas, Lambertville and Pawtucket Described—Fires of the Week

Planing Mill Destroyed at Las Vegas, N. Mex.

A fire starting in the main building of the planing mill and warehouse owned by Gross, Kelly & Co., at Las Vegas, N. M., destroyed both the planing mill and warehouse on November 14, 1922. Before the first call, which was received by the East Las Vegas fire department at 12:05 A. M., was sent in the entire mill, which covered a space of 300×75 feet, and the warehouse, which was approximately 200×50 feet in dimensions, were a mass of flames. A second alarm was sent in at 12:10. The department turned out with twenty men, one American-LaFrance 750-gallon triple combination pumper and one Brockway combination chemical hose car. About 200 feet of hose were laid, two lines from the American-LaFrance pumper, which attached to a plug about 600 feet distant, with 125 pounds nozzle pressure on each line. This apparatus pumped steadily for seven hours. In order to lay a line the Brockway was compelled to cross ten tracks in the Sante Fe Company’s yards. The greater part of the lumber yard, which adjoined the mill, was saved by the department. The value of the buildings and contents, which were a total loss, was estimated at $100,000. The illustrations herewith were sent by courtesy of Ex-Chief George Sutherland, of the fire department.

Gross-Kelley Planing Mill Fire, Las Vegas, N. M., at Its Height at 12:30 A. M.What the Fire Left Behind It

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