Firsthand News

Firsthand News

In order to provide timely and authoritative information to the fire service, our editors travel much —frequently to considerable distance.

The article in this issue on fire protection at the Cape Canaveral missile test center is an example of this firsthand news reporting and the travel it often entails.

Recently, Major General A. M. Minton, USAF, director of civil engineering, informed us that he planned to inspect construction and base facilities at Cape Canaveral and at Eglin Air Force Base. He invited FIRE ENGINEERING to send a representative on the inspection trip, and our assistant editor was given the assignment.

The Air Force flew our representative to Canaveral where he viewed the missile test facilities and the fire protection provided. The fire chief of the missile center accompanied our editor on his tour of the center, answered his questions and provided additional information.

While 16 engineering magazines were invited to make the trip, it is significant that FIRE ENGINEERING was the only publication representing the fire service. Naturally, we are gratified at this recognition of FIRE ENGINEERING as “The Journal of the Fire Protection Profession.” We aim to maintain this stature by continuing to supply the fire service with the latest and most authoritative information—firsthand.

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