The city water of Canton, Ill., will be analyzed upon request of certain citizens.

Newport, Ark., has installed a hypochloride feeding machine in the filter plant of the Newport Water, Light and Power Company.

Health officers of Westfield, N. Y., are investigating chlorine plants of nearby towns with a view to recommending one for installation at the Westfield water works.

The concreting work for the new filtration units at the water works plant at Ridgway, Pa., has been completed and the units will be placed in position very soon.

The Cleveland, O., $250,000 filtration plant site adjoining the Kirtland pumping station may have to be abandoned. Test borings made by R. W. Pratt, consulting engineer, revealed the presence of a soft clay formation which he says will increase the cost of excavating for a filter plant.

Reports from Cadillac, Mich., state that at a meeting attended by General Manager Tippy, of the Commonwealth Power Company, State Sanitary Engineer Edward D. Rich and city officials it was stated that the Commonwealth Company would have a filtration plant in operation in Cadillac in one year from this fall.

A hypochlorite proportioning system installed at the Galesburg, Ill., water plant has been placed in operation and W. F. Langelicr, of the Illinois State Water Survey and Water Superintendent John Walsh then declared Galesburg’s to be safe for domestic purposes. Superintendent Walsh designed the system. A small pump is installed to work with the big pump, its movement being actuated by the plunger of the big water pump, so that the small hypochlorite feeding pump feeds at the same speed as the water pump. If the big pump is speeded up to water pressure the little pump speeds up proportionately. All the water which goes through the city mains is sterilized. Mr. Langelicr said that the treatment would be kept working until all danger of contamination is past. He said the city water was not dangerously contaminated but it showed enough traces of contamination by sewage to make advisable the hypochlorite treatment.

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