Five Firehouses Nationwide Received Mini Bathroom Makeover

This spring, Charmin is taking a moment to thank America’s bravest men and women — firefighters — by making their firehouses a little bit homier.  The station often serves as a home away from home yet many firefighters don’t have satisfactory necessities, like clean bathrooms with quality amenities, including faucets, hot water and toilet paper. 

After donating nearly 50,000 rolls of toilet paper to one firehouse in each state, Charmin has selected five firehouses across the nation to receive a mini bathroom makeover and bring the comforts of home to the firehouse. In addition to updating the bathroom features, Charmin worked with local contractors to incorporate elements inspired by the firefighters’ own homes into the restrooms.

The five stations that received the makeovers from homely to homey are:

Blades Volunteer Fire Department in Delaware

Village of Bellwood Fire Department in Illinois

Henry County Fire Department in Georgia

Rio Rancho Fire Department in New Mexico

Okeechobee Fire Department in Florida

The five firehouses were selected from a list of 50 fire stations that received a one-year donation of toilet paper as part of the Charmin Relief Project, which provides a better bathroom experience anytime, anywhere.  Charmin picked the stations by asking their consumers to share stories through Facebook and Twitter of their local firehouse’s bathrooms. 

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