Five Lives Lost at Newark, O.

Five Lives Lost at Newark, O.


Five lives were lost in the first fire of the new year at Newark, O., which destroyed Kerr’s lodging house and restaurant at 2.15 a. m., January 6. The dead were all men lodgers. The building was a brick and wooden structure 18×72 feet, two and three stories high, built about ten years ago. It had no fire extinguishing appliances. The fire was caused by burning gas igniting woodwork on the first floor. The fire rushed rapidly up the wooden stairs. A policeman who first saw the fire woke the night clerk, who awoke the lodgers. Two were suffocated and three burned to death in their rooms. Because of the speed with which the fire gained headway, the firemen were powerless to make any effort to enter the building. By the time the first apparatus reached the scene the structure was practically enveloped in flames. All entrance to the upstairs windows was cut off by the blaze which reached the roof. Once the force of half a dozen streams was turned into the building it was quickly controlled and the firemen were able then to fight it back into the building and direct their streams from closer quarters. After an hour and a half’s fighting the firemen were able to enter the burned structure to find the bodies.


The fire department in command of Loqis Bausch, with a chemical hose wagon, a hose reel and a Scagrave ladder truck, had four streams on the fire through 600 feet of hose, using lJd-inch nozzles. Water was supplied by a direct pumping system with 125 pounds pressure. Four six-inch double hydrants were used.

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