Fire Companies in Command of Chief Terrell — Streets Were Crowded with Shoppers and Office Workers — Fire Spread Halted

FIRE of undetermined origin badly gutted a five-story building in the business section of Atlanta, Ga., that was occupied by a furniture company, and slightly damaged the adjoining building, in which was located the Trust Company of Georgia. The fire loss has been estimated at $100,000.

The fire was discovered on the mezzanine floor of the Horne Desk & Fixture Company at 1 p. m., when the business section was crowded with shoppers and office workers who were enjoying their luncheon hour. It was not long before the section was covered with a smoke so dense that at times it was impossible to see for more than a few feet.

The first alarm brought five fire companies, and then a general alarm was sounded which called the entire fire force of the city under command of Chief John Terrell.

Twelve lines of water were used. It was not until 2:30 p. m. that Chief Terrell considered that the fire was under control.

The offices of the Trust Company of Georgia were damaged by water that came in when heat broke the windows. Valuable papers and some of the furniture were carried out. Several boards of the Southern Bell Telephone Exchange facing on Auburn Avenue, close to the rear of the burning building, were put out of service by water. Employees of the telephone company aided the firemen by playing water from the roof of their building onto the nearby structures to prevent the spread of flames.

The Fire Department succeeded in preventing a serious conflagration, for the buildings were close together and could easily have aided the advance of the fire.

An illustration of this fire appears on the cover of this week’s issue.

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