Ocala (FL) Firefighters ‘Crack the Egg’ at Special Ops Training


By Ashley Lopez

Ocala (FL) Fire Rescue firefighters recently particpated in special operations training at Gavin’s U-Pull It, “cracking the egg” (the shell of a vehicle), as part of an extrication drill.

Fifteen members of Ocala’s Special Operations team  gathered to review a series of extrication techniques. Using preplanned scenarios, two Training Captains guided team members through vehicle accident scene recreations, each requiring different means to achieve the same end – freeing a victim from their vehicle.

“Crack the Egg” is a technique used only on four-door vehicles, with a uni-body frame”; explained Training Captain Adam McCormick. “With this method, firefighters create an opening from the back of the vehicle that is inverted and blocked from either side. The rear of the vehicle is then lifted, creating an aperture that allows firefighters to access and retrieve the victim(s) who would be otherwise inaccessible.”

Besides “Cracking the Egg,” the Special Operation’s team also covered a technique called tunneling – an alternative method of retrieving individuals from a vehicle that is upside down; dash pulls and dash lifts – used to provide relief to a front seat driver or passenger with a dash on their lap; and third door conversions – creating a door-like opening on a two-door vehicle, to access a backseat passenger.

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