Flames Destroy Peanut Works

Flames Destroy Peanut Works

Approximately 50,000 pounds of sugar and more than 500,000 pounds of peanuts were destroyed on September 8 when a five alarm fire swept through the plant of the Crescent Nut and Chocolate Company in Philadelphia, Pa.

The flames spread to an adjoining structure occupied by the Alexander Sheppard Coffee Company, and water used in fire extinguisher operations damaged $125,000 worth of coffee.

Total damage to the Crescent plant, which manufactures peanut butter for the armed forces, was estimated at $175,000 to $200,000, including $50,000 worth of machinery.

At the height of the blaze, the central section of the roof on the Crescent plant collapsed and a section of the south wall caved in.

Debris, falling across narrow Black Horse Alley, ripped a hole eight by twenty feet in the wall of William Epworth and Sons. Members of the Fire Insurance Patrol covered and saved thousands of dollars worth of wool in the plant.

Sparks and embers endangered other buildings in the neighborhood.

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