Florida’s firemen celebrated Firemen’s day at Jacksonville on Tuesday, November 9. during the gala week in that city. The tenth annual convention of the Florida Volunteer Firemen’s Association brought them together from all parts of the State, and the opportunity was seized to make the celebration worthy of its surroundings. The convention was presided over by Chief H. M. Papworth, of Sanford, who when the order of unfinished business came on, took occasion to speak in the highest terms of the secretary of the association, Silas B. Wright, and to present him in the name of the members with a handsome swinging silver water pitcher, with two heavy goblets on the stand. In the course of the business proceedings the president gave a short account of his efforts before the last two legislatures of the State of Florida to secure the passage of a law setting aside annually a fund of $1,000. to be used, if needed, for the relief of members disabled in the performance of duty, and for the burial of the dead, when other means were wanting. That such a bill had not passed either legislature was not for lack of earnest and untiring effort ; and he said that the duty to secure it would remain for his successor in office.

In his report Secretary Wright paid a well-deserved tribute to the excellence of the Jacksonville fire department and the “ well-known skill and scientific work ” of Chief Haney and his men. Chief Haney himself he styled the “best of fire fighters and the prince of good fellows.” The report of Treasurer C. E. J. Johnson.of Orlando, showed that the finances of the association are in good shape.

The annual election of officers resulted in the choice of the following :

President, Chief II. M. Papworth, Sanford (reelected); first vice-president, Chief B. F. Bowers, Key West (reelected); second vice-president, Chief William Smith, Orlando; third vice-president. Chief C. Carmichael, Ocala ; secretary, Silas B. Wright, DeLand, reelected ; treasurer, C. E. Johnson. Orlando (reelected). St. Augustine was chosen as the next place of meeting.

The usual parade followed, which was succeeded by a tournament, in which many valuable prizes were the objects of severe competition.


In the parade were the mayor and other municipal officers of Jacksonville, the president of the State Firemen’s Association and Chief Ilaney in carriages, and the fire departments of Orlando, Sanford, Palatka, DeLand, St. Augustine, Fernandin. Lake City,West Palm Beach, and Jacksonville, with their apparatus. At the end of the parade. Mayor Knight welcomed the visiting firemen.

The Florida Volunteer Firemen’s Association was organized at Ocala in 1888, where it held its first meeting and elected Chief Bowers, of Key West, its first president.

The fire alarm beli at Bloomfield, N. J., which is regulated bv an electric clock in the headquarters of the Essex hook and ladder company, and is the infallible guide for all the clocks and watches in the neighborhood,had recently taken to bad and irregular habits, striking at all sorts of odd times and. seasons. The old nursery rhyme was verified in this instance,as a mouse had run up the clock and made a nest there among the wheels thus causing all the trouble.

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