Flow of Yakima Well Hampers Workmen

Flow of Yakima Well Hampers Workmen

The rapid premature flow of water at a new well being sunk for the water supply of Yakima, Wash., has greatly hampered workmen engaged in the work. According to C. A. Smith, consulting engineer, and F. O. Hansen assistant city engineer although the well is down but 10 feet it has maintained a steady 3-foot flow of water, which a 3-inch pump has been unable to handle. As a result, little progress in digging has been made during the past few days. Mr. Hansen has secured a 5-inch pump, now being installed. With a daily capacity of 1,000,000 gallons, the engineers believe this new piece of apparatus will keep the pit free of water and will permit the workmen to go rapidly to the desired depth of 25 feet.

Mains Being Laid in Morrison, Okla.—Mains are being laid in Morrison, Okla., and they will get their water supply from two deep wells.

Providence, R. I., Pipe Line Almost Completed—The pipe line which will carry the water from the new city reservoir at Scituate to Providence and Cranston, R. I., is almost completed.

Zion, Ill., Awards Water Contract—A contract has been awarded to Layne and Bowler of Chicago for the construction of a water works system in Zion, Ill. Mains for the distribution system will be laid at a later date.

Earlington, Ky., Meters Services—The West Kentucky Power Company are installing water meters in the various water services in Earlington, Ky. New water rates of twenty cents a 1,000 gallons with a minimum rate of $1.00 a month will be in force soon.

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