We ran across a Fire Engine Company the other day that had one of the most unique ideas in use, that we have seen lately. In their elegantly furnished parlor and reading-room we noticed several very handsome pieces of furniture, which we took to be handsome desks, but which upon investigation proved to be very comfortable beds, with the bedding, springs, pillows, and everything completely hid from view. We learned that it was the famous Andrews’ patent folding-bed, and, through the courtesy of the manufacturers, A. H. Andrews Co., of Chicago, whose mammoth salesrooms are at 195 and 197 Wabash avenue, we are enabled to present our readers with cuts of the same. We have taken the trouble to get the cuts and publish them, because we believe it is a thing that many of our readers will be glad to learn of.


Besides the desk represented above, these beds represent, when closed, handsome book-cases, dressing-cases, wardrobes, etc. In these are drawers, shelves for ornaments, mirrors and writing desks. They occupy the smallest possible space, being in depth only twenty-two inches, and yet holding mattress, pillows and bedding. The cheapness at which these beds are produced is astonishing. Andrews & Co. will send descriptive circulars and price-list to those applying.

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